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I'm a licensed clinical psychologist at Tri-Valley Psychotherapy. Below you will find answers to questions about my approach and background.

My Approach to Helping

With a Dual Ph.D. in Clinical and Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Dr. Mehta offers a unique perspective on human behavior and interpersonal dynamics to drive positive changes. Her approach is grounded on the premise that conscious human behavior is essential to creating desired changes.

People’s behavior is guided by a unique set of experiences, observations, and perceptions that can often lead to developing automatic, reflexive ways of responding to their environment.

While some of these patterns can be helpful, others can hinder or even harm. Dr. Mehta works with individuals to foster greater awareness about the interconnected nature of their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Moreover, she attempts to create a collaborative and safe place for them to create a positive shift in their responses – from habitual and unproductive to conscious and rewarding.

Dr. Mehta’s work draws on theories of:
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Attachment
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Neuroscience
  • Systems thinking

My Involvement at Tri-Valley Psychotherapy

In addition to being the owner of Savera Psychological and Leadership Services, Dr. Mehta works as a licensed clinical psychologist at Tri-Valley Psychotherapy. She offers services in 3 primary areas: psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, and leadership coaching.

In her work as a therapist, Dr. Mehta utilizes an integrative, solutions-focused approach to work with teens and adults with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family conflict and transitions, and challenges in academic and occupational performance.

With extensive experience in assessments with children and adults, Dr. Mehta offers psychological and neuropsychological evaluations to assess for intellectual functioning, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, other cognitive/neurological deficits, and psychosocial functioning.

Dr. Mehta also provides one-on-one coaching engagements to mid-level managers who want to create greater influence as leaders in their organization. Coaching engagements are typically 3 to 6 months in duration, and typically focus on the following areas: building resilience, developing self-directed teams, transitioning from a technical role to a leadership role, developing effective communication practices, managing stress in the context of organizational pressures, and building strategic partnerships inside ad outside of one’s organization.

Dr. Mehta offers services in English and Hindi. She also offers options for HIPAA compliant virtual therapy and coaching sessions.

Research and Organizational Experience

Dr. Mehta has conducted research on "The Relationships Among Narcissism, Leadership Effectiveness, and Career Derailment." One of the interesting findings of examining data of over 2,000 executives revealed that narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing for leaders – in fact it can serve as an adaptive personality characteristic with certain leadership competencies.

Other areas of research have included cultural challenges encountered by expatriates, effects of perceived social support on occupational stress, empathy and self-control among leaders, and self-other discrepancies in performance ratings. These research projects have helped Dr. Mehta serve as a coach and consultant to individuals who strive to be better leaders in the workplace.