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Dr. Christine Dickson, founder of Tri-Valley Psychotherapy is the author of 23 peer reviewed articles. Her published work can be found in academic journals and magazines. Below is a brief description of three of her articles.

In 2008, Dr. Dickson published her ground breaking research on family responsibilities discrimination in a special work-life edition of the Psychologist-Manager Journal.

Her research was the first study to measure and test a model of this very harmful form of discrimination in the workplace. More specifically, Dr. Dickson studied how workplace discrimination against employees with family responsibilities (childcare, eldercare, or the care of an ill spouse or relative) had negative outcomes for companies bottom-line.

In addition, Dr. Dickson studied how companies can prevent family responsibilities discrimination by creating family supportive workplace cultures, training supervisors to be supportive of employees' personal and family responsibilities, and by providing flexible work schedules and dependent care supports such as onsite childcare.  Read more

In 2007, Dr. Dickson's article Building a Legal Case for WorkLife Balance Policies was selected as the cover story for the EAP Digest, the leading magazine for Employee Assistance Professionals.

Dr. Dickson's article described the legal case for WorkLife Balance Policies. For example, if companies offered worklife balance policies such as flexible work schedules, they were less likely to be sued by their employees. In addition, employees were
more productive at work, reported less work-related stress, and more easily meet the demands of their personal lives.

Dr. Dickson provided real life examples, court cases, and practical solutions for Employee Assistance Professionals to implement in their companies.  Read more

In 2007, Dr. Dickson published her article Avoiding Family Responsibilities Discrimination, in a special edition of the Journal of Employee Assistance. This edition focused on the EAP role in managing organizational risk.

Dr. Dickson discussed how Employee Assistance Professionals could partner with their organizations to avoid the risk associated with family responsibilities discrimination, a fast-developing trend in employment law with court settlements in favor of employees as high as $11.65 million.

Dr. Dickson provided real life examples, court cases, and practical strategies for managing risk. Read more