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Grief is your emotional reaction to a significant loss. The words sorrow and heartache are often used to describe feelings of grief. Whether you lose a beloved person, animal, place, or object, or a valued way of life (such as your job, marriage, or good health), some level of grief will naturally follow.

Because grieving is painful, people cope with it by moving through various stages of mourning. Sometimes people never recover and they cycle through the various stages without resolution. Because of the cycling effect, you may not be aware that what is not working in your life is tied to your incomplete grieving. Below is a chart showing the 5 Stages of Grief.

The stress of grief and grieving can take a physical toll on your body. Sleeplessness is common, as is a weakened immune system over time. If you have a chronic illness, grieving can make your condition worse.

If you find that your grief is making it difficult to function for more than a week or two or if you have trouble functioning for longer than a couple of weeks because of depression or anxiety, Tri-Valley Psychotherapy can help. Work with our experienced team to move toward the final stage of grief, which is acceptance.

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